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I am Cath and 34 years old. I have always had oily skin type, large pores and problems with sensitive area on my face and chin. I then approached my beautician at Born Beautiful and she recommended me to try their Sensoieur Skin Care Products and its facial which was launched in May 2011. I have been using it ever since its launch till now and my skin texture has become smooth, supple and my skin sensitivity has improved as well as it looks fairer. Sensoieur Skin Care Products also help to restore and renew the charm of every women and my self-confidence. I am happy that Sensoieur Skin Care Products have helped me to solve my skin problems and I will continue to use it. Most of my friends were surprised and praised me for looking more radiantly. Thus, you can imagine the fantastic end of Sensoieur Skin Care products and its signature Facial to me. Sensoieur Skin Care Products have make over me to be more confident and wonderful as a woman. Indeed, Sensoieur Skin Care Products complete the appearance of all women. A big thank you to Born Beautiful Beauty Center and my beautician Ivy Bong for her recommendation to use the Sensoieur Skin Care Products and its signature Facial. Born Beautiful Beauty Center is a “must” visit place by every woman where it provides the most comfortable and relax Beauty Center with wide range of facials, professional skin care treatments, spa pampering treatment and body weight management that will smooth the progress of relieving your stress by all the professional Beauticians there. “BBBC” I love you!
Hello everyone, I am honored to be invited to give personal testimonial to BBBC for this website. Miss ivy bong is my beautician of many years. I do not try any other beauty centre because I have very sensitive skin. My skin problems were uneven skin tone, dark eye circle, blackheads on nose area and pimples scars from at least 20 years. At BBBC I am not worried about who is doing my facial because all beauticians there are well know for their painless extraction. When BBBC started in 2011, I was stationed in Miri due to work and only do my facial when I come back to kuching which is about 2 - 3 times in a year. The BBBC well trained beautician recommended me an amazing product which is organic and Eco certified. It is the Ega True range. Since I do not do a routine monthly facial, I bought the whole range of the recommended products. I used it diligently for less than 1 month and was amazed by the result. Dark eye circle faded, skin tone now even, scar less obvious and black heads on my nose area just fall off when I wash my face. It is really amazing! BBBC cares for not only customers who are near, but they also take care of your skin when you are far. I love BBBC and fully recommends them for your skin remedy! Bravo BBBC, keep up your good work!
Stephenie, Director